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Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

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Therapeutic Massage

How can you relax if your body has issues?

This is a step up from Relaxation Massage, and is intended to help heal injuries, address specific muscle and joint issues, and deal with trigger points, severe tightness, strains, sprains, adhesions, posture problems, and to some extent nerve conditions. This is massage which uses a variety of techniques/modalities to actually treat specific issues, including relaxation massage, deep tissue, joint mobilization, advanced neuromuscular techniques, stretching, and much more.

Note: Some patients have reported to me that they fear deep tissue massage, as they have been beaten up by other therapists. In fact, any type of Therapeutic Massage can result in DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). This happens because of micro-tears in the muscle tissue, which become inflamed, which causes swelling, which causes pain. If possible, it is best NOT to treat with cold/ice, as this will delay healing. The problems reported to me are likely because the previous therapist did not know how to gauge response to the treatment, and avoid treating too much at one session.