It is wonderful to be recognized.

Your personal recommendation to others is also and always greatly appreciated.

I sincerely believe that Your recommendation will benefit prospective patients, as well, since they may need and appreciate My Therapies.

What My Patients are Saying

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How to Write a Testimonial

Thank You for this consideration. A Testimonial is valuable feedback to me that I am providing good therapy for your benefit, and helps to build trust for other patients as well.

A Testimonial should include just a few things, and you are free to express your thoughts as you see fit.

Of course, you should provide your name and mine (Roger Walker).

You should expressly give your permission for me to use your Testimonial to promote my therapies and services to others (though I will take implied permission and run with it!).

You should say something about me and/or my therapy and/or service. This can be anything that is subjective or objective – it is important that they are your words and no one else’s. You can say a little, or a lot. While I could suggest topics, it is best if they come from your heart and your personal experience.

Finally, if you can, please add your signature.

You can type it, hand write it, or even make a video :-) Email a PDF, send a link, or any way you want to do it! Just let me know.

If others know they can trust what I do because of your experience, it is a solid benefit for me, and also for those who need the help I provide.

Again, Thank You!