Roger's Signature Spa Day

This may also be called "V-VA's Signature Spa Day."

All Ladies need a self-indulgent Valentine Spa Day, Mother's Day, Grandmother's Day, Women's Day, or even ME Day treatment, but you don't need to wait for a special occasion!! Feel the Luxury, Feel the Decadence!! Start with Roger’s Ulti-MAT(E)™ 3 Hour Massage, a Light Lunch, and Roger’s “Chocolate Sauce”™ Scrub & Wrap – a 5.5 hour experience. Then request options, such as Mani, Pedi, Hair, and more with V-VA's Manager (Maya). You will need to start early!

This is an exclusive Build Your Own Spa Day! The base price includes Roger's UltiMAT(E)™ 3 Hour Massage, followed by a Light Lunch (30 minutes), which is then followed by Roger's Proprietary "Chocolate Sauce"™ Exfoliating Scrub & Chocolate Wrap (2 hours). I provide this portion of the package directly, which requires 5.5 hours. Discuss other options to follow with the V-VA manager (Maya). Additional options include Mani, Pedi, Hair, etc. for a true, Build Your Own Spa Day!

The UltiMAT(E)™ portion of the Spa Day ($310) fully qualifies for massage insurance coverage.

PRICING for Individuals - excluding GST:

$625 for the base 5.5 hours provided by me. Note that this portion of the Spa Day treatment does not qualify for any discounts, as it is a Signature Treatment.