Session Pricing

I rent a room a V-VA Salon Spa in Sherwood Park. I provide all the massage services they offer, at their pricing. Please check for their session times, descriptions, and pricing.

If you are looking for Advanced Clinical Massage services, or Exclusive Spa Treatments, I provide them at V-VA Salon Spa, also. Note that some of the services I provide might not be on the V-VA menu, possibly due to a coding requirement for their scheduling system. Also, some of the modalities I have been trained in and practice may not be offered as separate services, if at all.

Pricing for Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)™ sessions can be found on the MATE page.

Pricing for On-Site Corporate Wellness can be found on the CorpWell page.

Pricing for Roger's Ulti-MAT(E)™ 3 Hour Massage can be found on the UltiMATE page.

Pricing for Roger's "Chocolate Sauce" can be found on the Chocolate page.

Pricing for Roger's Signature Spa Day can be found on the SpaDay page.