My Story

It usually does not take long before a patient will either ask, "How did you get into massage?" or "Who are you, really?"

I have a very rich past. I had many varied careers. I try to live my life in a very balanced way. The common thread is that I always developed relationships and helped people. That always made a positive difference in what I accomplished for myself and for others. I never just did a job - I helped people solve problems. Today, I help people heal - their problem is pain, injury, poor posture, etc. I help them solve those problems by the use of a variety of manual therapies.

Without bragging - I can say that I am good at what I do. How do I know this? By the patients that I treat! Here are some examples:

I treat V-Va's owner and her family.

I treat V-Va's staff and their families.

I treat V-Va's other therapists!

Often, when I participate in a couple's massage,

both patients will book with me in the future!

Obviously, all of these people have several choices of who they can see to treat them, where I practice. I believe it is a combination of my training, experience, how I treat and educate, and how I take a genuine interest in their healing, that make a difference.

I am not intending to suggest that the other therapists are not good at what they do - they have their own satisfied clients. However, while they normally just do massage, I do much more, including some of the many therapies and modalities I continue to learn.

Am I everyone's choice? Not at all. No matter what you do, you cannot please everyone. But I can tell you that those who I could not please had a different agenda than mine.

- - -

I indicated that I try to live my life in a balanced way.

I obviously make time for my career. I am fortunate in that, as the lead therapist, I can choose my own shifts and hours. My choice is to be available at the times most convenient for my patients (afternoons, evenings, weekends). That means I can make weekday mornings available for my regular workouts, and such chores as shopping when doing so is less crowded. My social life consists of dancing, whether taking lessons or attending organized dance events. I also take time for family, friends, and vacation. (Although I have many interests, due to time constraints, I can only select a few to pursue at any one time.) My pace is fairly relaxed, and appreciate and enjoy life.