Arrange A Demonstration Of

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)


MAT(E) is a unique modality. It is highly effective treatment for a variety of soft tissue issues. I am the only therapist qualified to provide this treatment in Alberta. Indeed my extensions to the modality means that no one else provides it, anywhere. Because it is provided on a mat or low table, with the patient's clothes on, many people need to experience or see it before they are willing to commit to it. The demonstration and complimentary gift vouchers provide that opportunity.

I am happy to provide a demonstration of my modality at your location, at no cost. I would bring a mat or table and bolsters, plus a suitable number of complimentary gift vouchers (which would include YOUR logo) to give out to your patrons. This is most suitable for any of the variety of gyms in Sherwood Park and Eastern Edmonton. Other possibilities include schools, sports teams, and even seniors organizations.

I require a clear 8"x12" floor space for setup, and enough room around it for observers and participants. I would be present for treatment demonstrations for at least one hour, which is enough time for 3-4 patients. Interaction is most welcome. Note that this is a sample, not a full treatment, so I may not be able to provide a full treatment for a particular issue. That said, I have had many patients overcome certain issues in very short sessions - YMMV.

Depending on the location, I may require additional time allotted for setup ant take down, or to deal with other issues. It is best to contact me directly (contact info at the top of the page). It is possible to arrange for the demo any day of the week, during the day or evening - subject to previous scheduling.