Offered as Couples Massage

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Couples Session

While it is possible for me to treat two people at the same time, it really isn't that practical ;-)

It is possible for two people to have a session in the same room, with each having a different type of treatment. (Of course, one of you would have to be treated by a different Therapist.) Personally, I fail to see the attraction, unless you just like spending quiet time with each other. Although I participate in many Couples Sessions, I only had one couple (two ladies who were good friends) who actually talked with each other during the session.

If you still want a Couples Session, whether each is getting the same treatment, or not, it can usually be accommodated. However, when one treatment is a specialty (such as Pregnancy Massage), in particular, I suggest separate sessions. The reason is that I need to have conversation and feedback during the session, which really should be kept confidential.